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Greet-Lovely   "Lovely" Greeting Card
LTD-Lovely   "Lovely" Limited Edition Print
Poster_Lovely   "Lovely" Poster
LTD-Loves-Me   "Loves Me Loves Me Not" Limited Edition Print
Post-Loves_Me_Loves_Me_Not   "Loves Me Loves Me Not" Postcard
ZIPPO_Loves_Me   "Loves Me Loves Me Not" Zippo
Orig-Lush   "Lush" Original Painting
LTD-Madrid   "Madrid" Limited Edition Print
Make-A-Wish   "Make A Wish" Original Study
Study-Melrose   "Melrose" Original Study
Orig-Merge   "Merge" Original Painting
LTD-Metamorphosis   "Metamorphosis" Limited Edition Print
Orig-Metamorphosis   "Metamorphosis" Original Painting
Orig-midnight-caller   "Midnight Caller" Original Painting
Greet-Midnight_Ride   "Midnight Ride" Greeting Card
Orig-Midnight_Ride   "Midnight Ride" Original Painting
Midnight-Swim-original   "Midnight Swim" Original Drawing MILK SERIES
Orig-Migration   "Migration" Original Painting
Orig-Mineral   "Mineral" Original Painting
Orig-Molten   "Molten" Original Painting
Study-Momentum   "Momentum" Original Study
Orig-Morning-Light   "Morning Light" Original Painting
Limited-Edition-Morning-View   "Morning View" Limited Edition
Orig-Moving-Waters   "Moving Waters" Original Painting
Muse-original   "Muse" Original Drawing MILK SERIES
Study-Natasha-Shoes   "Natasha Shoes" Original Study
ZIPPO_Naughty_List   "Naughty List" Zippo SOLD OUT
LTD-Nectar   "Nectar" Limited Edition Print
Orig-Nectar   "Nectar" Original Painting
Orig-New-Day   "New Day" Original Painting
Poster_Night_Angel   "Night Angel" Poster
Original_Night_Moves   "Night Moves" Original Study
Orig-Nimbus   "Nimbus" Original Painting
Orig-No-Delay   "No Delay" Original Painting
Original-No-Looking-Back   "No Looking Back" Original Study
LTD-No_Strings   "No Strings" Limited Edition Print
Study_No_Words   "No Words" Original Study
LTD-Nocturnal_Delights   "Nocturnal Delights" Limited Edition Print
Orig-Nocturnal_Delights   "Nocturnal Delights" Original Painting
Post-Nocturnal_Delights   "Nocturnal Delights" Postcard
Orig-Obsession   "Obsession" Original Painting
Original-On-Repeat   "On Repeat" Original Study
Original_On_That_Night   "On That Night" Original Study
Limited-Edition-Open-Book   "Open Book" Limited Edition
Orig-Open_Heart   "Open Heart" Original Painting
Orig-Origin   "Origin" Original Painting
Orig-Out-Islands   "Out Islands" Original Painting
Orig-Out-Of-Reach   "Out Of Reach" Original Painting SOLD
Greet-Out_Of_The_Blue   "Out Of The Blue" Greeting Card
Out-Of-The-Blue   "Out Of The Blue" Zippo
Overflow-original   "Overflow" Original Drawing MILK SERIES
Orig-What-Pacific-Fog   "Pacific Fog" Original Painting
LTD-Paris_After_Dark   "Paris After Dark" Limited Edition Print
Original-Painting-Parisian   "Parisian" Original Painting
Study-Party-Girl   "Party Girl" Original Study
Greet-Peaceful   "Peaceful" Greeting Card
LTD-Persuasion   "Persuasion" Limited Edition Print
Post-Persuasion   "Persuasion" Postcard
Original-Pieces-Of-Me   "Pieces Of Me" Original Study
Pieces-Of-Me   "Pieces Of Me" Original Study
Orig-Plume   "Plume" Original Painting SOLD
LTD-Porcelain   "Porcelain" Limited Edition Print
Study-Powder_Puff   "Powder Puff" Original Study
Privacy-original   "Privacy" Original Drawing MILK SERIES
Poster_Prowler   "Prowler" Poster
Pulling_Strings   "Pulling Strings" Original Study
LTD-Purr   "Purr (Natasha Yi)" Limited Edition Print
Orig-Purr   "Purr" Original Painting
Post-Setting_Purr   "Purr" Postcard
Poster_Pussy_Whipped   "Pussy Whipped" Poster
Post-Pussycat   "Pussycat" Postcard
Poster_Pussycat   "Pussycat" Poster
LTD-Queen_Of_Hearts   "Queen Of Hearts" Limited Edition Print
Original-Quest   "Quest" Original Study
Limited-Edition-Rabbit-Ho-0002   "Rabbit Hole" Limited Edition - 16" X 20"
Limited-Edition-Rabbit-Ho-0001   "Rabbit Hole" Limited Edition - 8" X 10"
Original-Rabbit-Hole   "Rabbit Hole" Original Study
Orig-Racing-Tide   "Racing Tide" Original Painting SOLD
Study-Rebel-Soul   "Rebel Soul" Original Study
LTD-Red_Carpet   "Red Carpet" Limited Edition Print
Orig-Red-Carpet   "Red Carpet" Original Painting
Original-Red-Light   "Red Light" Original Study
Original-Redemption   "Redemption" Original Study
Orig-Release   "Release" Original Painting SOLD
Orig-Releasing-The-Grip   "Releasing The Grip" Original Painting
Orig-Reversal   "Reversal" Original Painting
Limited-Edition-Revolution   "Revolution" Limited Edition
Orig-Revolution   "Revolution" Original Painting
Orig-Rewind   "Rewind" Original Painting SOLD
Orig-Rhythmic   "Rhythmic" Original Painting
Orig-Risk-Reward   "Risk Reward" Original Painting
Original-Risk   "Risk" Original Study
Ritual-original   "Ritual" Original Drawing MILK SERIES
Poster_Rumba   "Rumba" Poster
Limited-Edition-Rush   "Rush" Limited Edition
Orig-Sail   "Sail" Original Painting
Orig-Sandbar   "Sandbar" Original Painting SOLD
LTD-Savage   "Savage" Limited Edition Print
ZIPPO_Savage   "Savage" Zippo SOLD OUT
Limited-Edition-Scandalous   "Scandalous" Limited Edition
Orig-Secret_Garden   "Secret Garden" Original Painting
LTD-Sensory   "Sensory" Limited Edition Print
Orig-Set-Sail   "Set Sail" Original Painting
Post-Setting_The_Stage   "Setting The Stage" Postcard
Original-Show-Me   "Show Me" Original Study
Orig-Silver-And-Gold   "Silver & Gold" Original Painting
Poster_Siren   "Siren" Poster
Poster_Sitting_Pretty   "Sitting Pretty" Poster
Skin-Deep-original   "Skin Deep" Original Drawing MILK SERIES
Limited-Edition-Sleepwalk   "Sleepwalk" Limited Edition
Post-Sleepwalk   "Sleepwalk" Postcard
Poster_Slither   "Slither" Poster
Orig-Smoke-Mirrors   "Smoke & Mirrors" Original Painting
ZIPPO_Smoking-Gun   "Smoking Gun" Zippo
Poster_Snapdragon   "Snapdragon" Poster
Orig-Solar-Drift   "Solar Drift" Original Painting
Orig-Solar.--   "Solar" Original Painting
Limited-Edition-Soleil   "Soleil" Limited Edition
Original-Painting-Soleil   "Soleil" Original Painting
Orig-Solitary   "Solitary" Original Painting SOLD
Study-Someday   "Someday" Original Study
Orig-Something-Wicked   "Something Wicked" Original Painting
Study-Soul_Search   "Soul Search" Original Study
LTD-Sparks_Fly   "Sparks Fly" Limited Edition Print
Post-Sparks_Fly   "Sparks Fly" Postcard
Post_Spell   "Spell" Postcard
LTD-Spice_Of_Life   "Spice Of Life" Limited Edition Print
Study-Spike   "Spike" Original Study
LTD-Spine-Tingler   "Spine Tingler" Limited Edition Print
Orig-Spine-Tingler   "Spine Tingler" Original Painting
Original-Spoken   "Spoken" Original Study
LTD-Spotlight   "Spotlight" Limited Edition Print
Orig-Spotlight   "Spotlight" Original Painting
Poster_Starry_Nights   "Starry Nights" Poster
Original-steam   "Steam" Original Study
LTD-Storybook   "Storybook" Limited Edition Print
Orig-Storybook   "Storybook" Original Painting
Scarf-Stong-Hold   "Strong Hold" Silk & Cotton Scarf
Orig-Structure   "Structure" Original Painting
LTD-Study_119   "Study 119" Limited Edition Print
Limited-Edition-Sublime   "Sublime" Limited Edition
Orig-Sublime   "Sublime" Original Painting
LTD-Sugar   "Sugar" Limited Edition Print
Original-Suite   "Suite" Original Study
Orig-Surface-Tension   "Surface Tension" Original Painting SOLD
Orig-Surge   "Surge" Original Painting
Post_Suzi_Portrait   "Suzi Portrait" Postcard
Poster_Sweet_Harvest   "Sweet Harvest" Poster
Original-Switch   "Switch" Original Study
Post_Tempted   "Tempted" Postcard
LTD-Temptress   "Temptress" Limited Edition Print
Post_Temptress   "Temptress" Postcard
Post_Tender   "Tender" Postcard
Poster_The _Challenge   "The Challenge" Poster
Orig-The-Devide-   "The Divide" Original Painting SOLD
Orig-The-Do-Over   "The Do Over" Original Painting
Orig-The-Fallback   "The Fallback" Original Painting
Orig-The-Fine-Line   "The Fine Line" Original Painting
LTD-The_Fix   "The Fix" Limited Edition Print
Greet-The_Gift   "The Gift" Greeting Card
LTD-The_Gift   "The Gift" Limited Edition Print
Orig-the-Glitch   "The Glitch" Original Painting
Orig-The-Journey   "The Journey" Original Painting
Orig-The-Long-Way-Home   "The Long Way Home" Original Painting
Greet-The_Messenger   "The Messenger" Greeting Card
LTD-The_Messenger   "The Messenger" Limited Edition Print
Orig-The-Messenger   "The Messenger" Original Painting
Greet-Naughty_List   "The Naughty List" Greeting Card
LTD-The_Naughty_List   "The Naughty List" Limited Edition Print
Study-The-One-That-Got-Away   "The One That Got Away" Original Study
Orig-The-Order-Of-Things   "The Order Of Things" Original Painting
Orig-The-Path   "The Path" Original Painting
LTD-The_Perfect_Evening   "The Perfect Evening" Limited Edition Print
Orig-The-Pushback   "The Pushback" Original Painting
Orig-The-Rest   "The Rest" Original Painting
Study-The-Wait   "The Wait" Original Study
Original_The_Waiting_Game   "The Waiting Game" Original Study
Orig-The-Weight-Of-Water   "The Weight Of Water" Original Painting SOLD
Orig-Tickled   "Tickled" Original Painting
Orig-Time-Lapse   "Time Lapse" Original Painting SOLD
Original_Torn   "Torn" Original Study
Orig-Traces   "Traces" Original Painting
Orig-Transition   "Transition" Original Painting
Original-Translation   "Translation" Original Study
Orig-Turning-Point   "Turning Point" Original Painting
LTD-Twisted   "Twisted" Limited Edition Print
Post_Twisted   "Twisted" Postcard
Orig-Undoing   "Undoing" Original Painting
Orig-Mixed-Media-1   "Undone Mixed Media1" Original Painting On Mylar
Limited-Edition-Undone   "Undone" Limited Edition
Post-Undone   "Undone" Postcard
Orig-Unearthed   "Unearthed" Original Painting
Orig-Unfold   "Unfold" Original Painting
Orig-Unlikely-Protagonist   "Unlikely Protagonist" Original Painting
Orig-Until-The-Dawn   "Until The Dawn" Original Painting
Study-Validation   "Validation" Original Study
Orig-Velocity   "Velocity" Original Painting
Orig-Verde   "Verde" Original Painting
Limited-Edition-Vertigo   "Vertigo" Limited Edition

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