Studies by Janesko are both raw and delicate, created in inspirational moments as a prelude to an original painting.
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"On That Night" Original Study By Fine Artist Jennifer Janesko "In Meaning" Original Study By Fine Artist Jennifer Janesko "Leave It Behind" Original Study By Fine Artist Jennifer Janesko "Fall Back" Original Study
"Lapis" Original Study by Artist Jennifer Janesko "Another Time" Original Study By Fine Artist Jennifer Janesko "Torn" Original Pencil Study By Fine Artist Jennifer Janesko "Without Words" Original Study
"On Repeat" original watercolor study by artist Jennifer Janesko "Distraction" Original Study "Game On" Original Study Incognito Original Art Study by Janesko
"The Waiting Game" Original Study "The Goodbye" Original Art Study "Wanting" study by artist Jennifer Janesko Back Then Original Art Study
Show Me Original Art Study In This Moment Original Art Study Redemption Original Study Where You Cannot Go Original Study
Quest Study By All Accounts Study Fire Study In Time Study
"Your Move" Study Burn It Down Study Reflection Study Free Fall Study
Pieces Of Me Study Make A Wish Study Leap Of Faith Study The Wait Study
"Party Girl" Original Study By Janesko Rebel Soul Study The One That Got Away Study Original Heartbreaker Study
Original Momentum Study Original Two Steps Ahead Study Original Well Heeled Study Original Corset 1 Study
Original Fashionista Free Study Original Wishful Thinking Study Validation Longing
Original Spike Original VP Concept Study Original The Final Act Original Longing
Original Coquette Original Natasha Shoes Original Apartment 8 Original Game Changer
Janesko Original Study "No Words" Janesko Original Study "Italiano" Lagoon Original Study Original Study "Ever More"
Janesko Original "Easy Fit" Janesko Original "Someday" Janesko Original "Melrose" Original Study Soul Search
Janesko Original "Beach Bunny" Janesko Original "Dahlia" Original Study Beloved Original Study 5th Ave
Janesko Original "Flora" Janesko Original "Powder Puff" Janesko Original "Dita Morning" Janesko Original "All For Love"
Janesko Original "Cozy" Janesko Original "Julie In Chair" Original Study 165 Janesko Original "Forever Yours"
Original Study Limitless Janesko Original Study "Curtain Call" Janesko Original "Hope" Janesko Original Study "Whisper"